Birthday care package!

7:55 PM

I. Love. Care Packages.

This is one plus to being a military girlfriend is I get to make lots of care packages. It was Payden's birthday in August and I've been making this box for him. Yes, I know it's October, he was out training with no address so you can't judge me for this being almost 2 months late. I just wanted to say I got the inspiration for this box from Hunter Kofford at her girlfriend blog over here

Everyone gets a little homesick every now and again so what am I going to do? I'm going to buy you cheesy things that make you think of home. These consist of BSU shirts (although I'm not even sure if he likes the Broncos), a "beautiful" potato tie and potato key chain to bring back all those Idaho potato farmer jokes. Then I'm going to party here without you and take photo evidence to prove it. Then throw it all in a box and send it on it's way!  

What's inside? 
- Homemade white chocolate macadamia nuts
- A mix CD (because he told me he hates them) 
- A framed picture of us
- 3 movies for when he's bored 
 [The Italian Job, 1001 classic commercials, & Beverly Hilbillys]
-Waffle cones
- Hot fudge
- Sprinkles
- M&M's
- Candles
- Potato tie
- Potato key chain
- BSU t-shirt
- Letters
- Gatorade

Did I say I love care packages? Because I do.
 Thanks for stopping by and tell me what you think! Happy Birthday dear! Until next time, 

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