Not goodbye, only see you later

12:53 PM

These past few weeks have been crazy and I've had quite a few goodbyes. My friend Zach just left for his LDS mission to Russia for two years and before he left I had the opportunity to photograph his family. See ya in 2, be safe Zach! 
 I got to go to a dance with Abby and Malorey which was great! Not to mention, my dear Abigail just moved to France to live for 9 months on Friday. I'm a little heart broken but she'll have so much fun and I'm so happy for her! Anyone want to donate a plane ticket for me to go visit? No? Okay.
(Me, Abby, Malorey)
 Then I got to go scout locations downtown and take Zach's girlfriend, Kenzie to hike table rock with me. That was a reality check that screamed "YOU'RE OUT OF SHAPE!". I'm still feeling the hike 2 days later. We stayed up there until dark and got to look out over beautiful Boise and see all the lights. It was one of the most stunning things I've seen for a while. (I know that is a really bad edit)
This week I have been remodeling my room. My bedroom has been the same since I was 9 years old and I figured it was time for a change. Pictures on that coming soon! I hope you all have wonderful weeks and cherish the time you have with friends. Ta-ta for now (: 

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