✗ Run a 5K
✗ Go canoeing 
✗ Go kayaking
✗ Go paddle boarding
- Go sledding
✗ Go skiing 
- Learn archery 
- Ride in a hot air ballon
✗ Go zip lining 
- White water raft
- Go rock climbing
✗ Hike a waterfall


- Cage dive with sharks
Go to a volcano
- Milk a cow
- Ride an elephant
- Swim with dolphins
✗ Go whale watching
✗ Swim with sea turtles 
- Watch turtles hatch

Career Goals:

- Have one of my photographs published in a magazine
- Have one of my photographs on the cover of a magazine
- Live in a different country
✗ Start a successful business
-Win an art contest
-Become a LPN 

Just for fun/Randoms: 

- Be an extra in a film
- Design someone else's tattoo
✗ Have a movie night in a blanket fort 
Go to a haunted house 
- Learn about other religions
- Become fluent in French
- Learn American Sign Language
- Build a tipi & camp in it
- Meet a celebrity 
- Participate in a play
✗ Start a blog 
- Stay in a 5 star hotel
- Take a swing dancing class
- Watch all Harry Potter movies in one setting


- Beauty and the Beast
- Broadway Play
- Coachella
- Holi Festival
✗ Imagine Dragons Concert
✗ Def Lepard Concert  
- The Olympic Games
✗ The Lumineers Concert
✗ Sick Puppies Concert 
✗ Blind Pilot Concert
- The Burning Man




- Fly first class
- Go on a cruise
- See all seven wonders of the ancient world
- Set foot on all 7 continents
✗ Volunteer in a foreign country
- Stand on the equator


- Ride a camel
- See the great pyramids
- Stay at Giraffe Manor in Kenya
✗ Go on a safari
- See Victoria Falls

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