Pre Deployment Leave

12:20 PM

Goodness, I have neglected my blog! I'm so sorry, things have been extremely busy lately. My photography business is booming, work is wonderful and my handsome man came home on his two week "pre deployment leave". Here are just a few (okay, a lot) of pictures from the airport. Both of our families were ecstatic to see him! 

Me!! ^^^

Since he's been home we have done SO much! I can't even begin to tell you how many cat naps I take now because I'm constantly exhausted. On Saturday we went to my nieces soccer game then out to visit his horses. I had booked a photo shoot for that afternoon (stupid me!) so I went and did that which was awesome then we watched Iron Man 3 at his sisters house.
Sunday was FILLED with church church church church church.
On Tuesday we made a trip downtown and ate lunch at Boise Fry Company and all I can say is it is FABULOUS! I absolutely adored it and Payden did too. I mean, how can you not love a place where their Potato menu was bigger than the burger menu??
Halloween (Thursday) was great! We were still shopping for costumes that morning but in the end it came together perfect. We were both pirates and we went trick or treating with his nieces and nephews then went to Haunted World with his foster brother. That was a ton of fun, here are a couple pictures from that night. I wish he was in the picture from Haunted World with me but what can you do, right?
On Friday we drove up to the hot springs and had a great adventure. Changing in public, giving Halloween candy to construction workers, hiking around the side of the highway looking for a rock, it was a blast. 
Saturday we rode horses with my nieces and they had the most amazing time. Their smiles were through the roof! 
 We spent Sunday with my singles ward and making new friends. I can't wait for the plans we have for the rest of the week! Horseback riding, a photo shoot, laser tag, breakfast and Doug's Burger Den, an epic game of Pictionary, and so much more.
I'm nervous because I fly out for Hawaii on Saturday morning and I still haven't even thought about what to pack... yep. This should be interesting. Anyways, I'm going to go for now, I hope you have a great week! I'll write again soon! 


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