So much love

8:19 PM

I am so blessed this Valentine's Day to have so many sweet people in my life.

Yesterday my future father-in-law took me and his daughter out for breakfast and gave us both beautiful bouquets of flowers. I couldn't have been more flattered. That was one of the sweetest things anyone could do--especially with Payden so far away and having limited contact.

Today I got such a sweet FaceTime call with Payden from 3am-5am and it was more than perfect. Then later this morning I opened the front door to another beautiful bouquet of flowers from my sweetheart and such a sweet note attached (that may or may not include me getting a new phone...okay it does and I'm super excited!)
 At work I got to eat cupcakes and play twister with some super awesome kiddos. I was so lucky to get to spend this day with them. After work my mom took my brother and I out for dinner at IHOP.
I couldn't be luckier to have so many people who love me so much. I love you all bunches and bunches!

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