The past few months

8:48 PM

Where do I begin.
On July 1st I got married to my best friend and that was the best day of my life. I'm so fortunate to have been sealed to him for eternity in the Boise, Idaho temple.

I got to spend a little over two weeks with Payden before he had to go back to Hawaii. I had about a month until I moved so in that time I spent a lot with friends and family. I played a lot of pool, packed and packed some more, went to the temple again, ended my job as a nanny, visited family members, did a lot of photo shoots and had a great goodbye party.
I packed for weeks on end to fit everything I own in 4 flat rate boxes, 5 checked bags, a carry on and backpack. On August 14th, I left for the airport at 4am and 10 hours later I was in my new home, Kailua Hawaii.
Payden and I are currently living with some friends and hoping to get a base house soon.
Since I've been here I've built a bookshelf, cleaned a ton, gotten the jeep registered and all the inspections done (AKA made it legal!) gone to Hanauma Bay, played in huge waves down south with Payden, gone to the temple, have helped fix many parts on the jeep, met new friends and I'm getting a puppy in the next couple of weeks! I'm slowly getting to drive places without my GPS and I know a few street names. It's been a fun and crazy adventure and I'm excited to see what else awaits.
I'll post more photos and our adventures soon!

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