3:04 PM

Let me catch you all up on our crazy life.

I got on a plane with 5 checked bags and 2 carry on's on August 14th, 2014 to meet up with my husband in Hawaii. Since then, my life hasn't stopped.
We moved in with some friends for a month because we didn't have a home yet. It was so sweet of them to let us stay there! Then while Payden was gone training for two weeks, I packed everything up and moved all our things by myself to another friends home! That was crazy and our things we in three different homes as well as my car.
A week after living with this friend, we got a house offer and moved in on October 1st! So we packed up all our things and moved into our 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home.
We made it I believe 3 days before our car broke and now we have an air mattress, a kitchen table and 2 lawn chairs. We're loving it though and super happy to have our own home.
I'm loving the beautiful bushes in our front yard. They're so unique and we have the most beautiful hibiscus flowers (except the gardener cut them all off yesterday so they're not pictured here).

This is my humble abode. Today has been a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream / blogging kind of day.

Adding a festive feel to my mostly empty home.

Anyways, that' my sweet place for now! Check out my instagram if you want to see a picture of the outside! (@yourtheocean)

See ya next time!

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