My top 5 must-have items for Kenya

12:29 PM

As a lot of you know, I am currently volunteering in Kenya, Africa for three months. Before coming here I didn't have the slightest clue what to bring. This is the longest I have been abroad and although I'm not yet finished with my trip, here are my top 5 must have items to date!

1. A small travel pillow
This might sound a little cliche and even I was reluctant to bring one. I brought a small, very smushable (good for packing) camping pillow. My mother made me a beautiful pillow case for it the day before my trip. This is my favorite thing I've brought. It's comfortable and versatile. I can use it for a head rest, back rest, killing mosquitos, snuggling, etc. I'm SO happy I brought this with me!

2. Snacks from home
Although most places you travel you will find plenty of treats and sometimes western snacks, sometimes food gets dull. After so many meals of cabbage and rice, some granola bars and sour patch kids are very refreshing.

3. Rain Jacket
Now, I have never actually used my rain jacket for its true purpose. It's extremely thin and probably wouldn't even help keep rain out. I wear this every day though. It's good for chilly mornings, has two pockets on the inside where I keep my money and phone and it folds up nice and small for when it's too hot to wear.

4. Toms
These shoes have been a life saver to me. I bought them a few days before I left the U.S. and am so grateful I did! I only wear my tennis shoes when hiking and my flip-flops to hang the laundry. My toms are my go-to shoes and are so comfortable My only wish is that I had brought more no-show socks!

5. A good scarf/sarong
This can be used for everything! Use it as a scarf, a cover up in modest countries, to sit on at the beach, a towel if you need one, a blanket, a pillow, etc. A good scarf can be incredibly versatile and something I would never forget when traveling abroad.

The items included in this list are obviously a bit less common. I would never leave my camera, cell phone, journal, a good backpack, etc.
Let me know if you liked these small tips and keep your eyes peeled for a post on things I brought that I wished I hadn't.

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