2013...It's been good

6:50 PM

I just wanted to take a minute to sit down and think about my year. No I don't have any photos to upload because they're all either on the desktop or my phone and honestly I don't feel like transferring it all. So I'm going to go over the big events that happened throughout the year that made it one of the best.

It's really hard for me to believe that at this time last year I could care less about partying or New Years resolutions. I was flying to San Diego California in a few days to see my love graduate from Marine Corps Bootcamp. I was beyond excited for that! After only having contact through letters for three months, I was way ready. Not to mention the perfect 24 (I think) days after that I got to spend with Payden.
During spring break I got to take my first solo road trip to Utah! I drove down there in my grandpas car to stay with my friend Abby in her dorm room for 4 days. That was a blast, I even got to go to some college classes. We all made a trip to Salt Lake and had the opportunity to visit temple square, then Abby and I saw Mika live!
I wen't to my Senior Prom with a good friend Ryan and that was a great experience. Along with the school year coming to a close, I finished Senior Project, had a party for the three people in my photography class, had a Luau at church for the seniors and graduated Seminary. Then one of the best, I graduated. It may not be a huge accomplishment but it was huge for me. Walking across that stage was amazing.
I got a new summer nanny job and simple fell in love with the family and the kids. I spent most of my days there playing ninjas, doing hair, making lunches, going to activities, building puzzles, it was a blast! It taught me that I don't want kids quite yet but definitely some fun things to do with my future family.
During the summer I also went on a camping trip with my friend Geena (by ourselves!). We met plentyof good friends; hikers, boy scouts and even a chipmunk. I went to McCall with my friend Keila for a photo shoot.
I took a road trip with two friends Kenzie and Emily to Utah. We surprised Geena on her birthday that we were going to Lagoon! That was my first time to an amusement park (I'd only ever gone to the local fair). I had a BLAST. I also learned that I'm an adrenaline junky. My favorite rides were Wicked, the Rocket and the Sky Coaster.
No later than a couple days after I got home I got on a plane for Hawaii. I was finally getting to see my love after six months (to the day). I stayed for a week and it was perfect. We honestly didn't do very many unique things I just enjoyed the quality time.
I returned home and finished off the last few weeks at my summer job. School started and I began my other nanny job that I had the previous year during the school year.
Over the next few months I rode in a hot air balloon, saw Fun. live, said goodbye to a lot of friends and a lot of missionaries, remodeled my bedroom, did a lot of photo shoots and went to a lot of lacrosse games.
Then the time came and my love came back to Idaho! We spent a great two weeks visiting our families, riding horses, going out to eat good food, making trips to the hot springs, went on fishing trips, spent Halloween together and played some serious Pictionary that almost cost us our lives. Just kidding but it was an intense game. On the last day we spent in Idaho, my best friend got down on one knee and asked me to spend my life with him. I said yes, we partied.
The next morning we hopped on a plane together and flew to Hawaii. I spent a month there and it was amazing. We snorkeled, hiked a volcano, attended the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, helped make thanksgiving dinner, danced in a parking lot, explored downtown, went to the beach, played plenty of board games and made some amazing new friends.
Then I came back home and spent Christmas with my family. It's been a good long year. I can't wait to see what next year brings! Happy New Year from Payden and I.

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