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I know I wasn't in Hawaii very long but dang! I'm having the hardest time getting back into my normal routine. Life at home is so different than it was out there. I'm not talking having a mom again, actually having food in the refrigerator, or even the climate change. It's a the littlest things! Here's a list of some things that I'm having a hard time getting used to.

1. The bread tastes different. When I went shopping in Hawaii for the first time I noticed they didn't have the bread I usually eat so I stuck with a  new brand. I had cinnamon and sugar toast every morning for breakfast which is something I never do at home. So this morning in the midst of having a hard time getting used to Idaho I decided to make cinnamon and sugar toast. It tastes different! I don't know what it is but it's not the same and that breaks my heart.

2. I can't get out of the suitcase. I was getting dressed this morning with clothes out of the suitcase still packed on my bedroom floor! Then, better yet, I was putting my makeup on and when I was done with an item I put it back into the makeup bag instead of my makeup drawer.

3. I'm still denying how cold it is. I'm trying to convince myself that I can go outside in my thin sweatshirt and boots.. not like it's 8 degrees out or anything.

4. I get excited when I look at the clock at it says 4pm. That's the time my honey usually gets off work..

5. I still keep my ID in the easiest place to take it out of my wallet.

6. The water gets cold here. When you brush your teeth, it's with frigid, ice cold water out of the tap. In Hawaii, it's with luke warm water, no matter what.

I can't think of anymore right now but I'm having a hard time. Time to go make pink lemonade and play some pool.

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