Happy (belated) Birthday!

9:38 AM

Almost a week ago on the 22nd I turned 19! It was probably the most bittersweet birthday I'll ever have. This is my last birthday that will be spent living at home with my family. *Insert crying emoji here*.
On the bright side, it was a wonderful one at that! We had a ton of family over to hang out and eat delicious ice cream pie (on Oreo crust).

Not to mention Payden sent me these beautiful flowers! I've never told him my favorite flowers but I think he got all of them in this bouquet. Not to mention they're yellow and I LOVE yellow flowers.

Oh, he also took this photo with his buddies and it's completely made my world.

 My birthday wasn't huge but this is just what I wanted it to be. Small, personal and special. Not to mention I treated myself to a new camera. Tucker, my Canon 70D has been my trusted companion for the past couple weeks.

Anywho, thank you everyone who helped make my birthday special!

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