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Today I am linking up with Lauren at Life. Love. Lauren. Go to her blog to figure out how to join the fun!

I think this is the first time Payden has participated in a blog post to hooray for that! These questions were so fun to do and it's fun to see the differences on how we finished our sentences.


I am scared but excited to move to Hawaii. 
I want food. 
I have music playing all the time. 
I wish Payden's deployment would end quicker.
I hate doing dishes.
I fear my knees getting worse.
I hear Netflix calling my name (AKA Parenthood) 
I search for wedding stuff. 
I wonder what France will be like.
I regret not camping more. 
I love my to-be husband
I ache in my back. Someone give me a massage? 
I always have my phone with me. 
I usually have a book in my purse.
I never run but I should try. 
I rarely have a perfectly clean room. 
I am not always the best at sending care packages. But when I do, they rock.
I lose everything. Especially shoes and headphones. 
I'm confused when I try to make a photography website. It's so hard. 
I should do more yoga. 

I am really hungry
I want to cuddle on my own couch with my lady
I have got to become better at emails ;)
I wish I was home to make memories 
I hate my command
I fear car crashes
I hear voices......
I search for time with my lady
I wonder what the temple is gonna be like
I regret being so far away from my home
I love my gonna be wife 
I ache in my joints 
I always wanted to be good with languages 
I usually don't gripe like others but not today
I never quit
I rarely ever give up what's important 
I am not always patient or kind
I lose my train of thought with a certain lady ;)
I'm confused when people are angry over nothing 
I should be more patient

 I think we are going to start doing one of these every year and see how our life changes year by year. 

Thanks Payden for participating even though you didn't know you were going to! 

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  1. Super freaking cute lol. I am pretty sure that #1 is exactly what Connor would say too lol. These sounded just like you guys


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