A little rain storm

10:04 AM

The past two days have been spectacular when it comes to weather. We went from High 90's to 60's overnight (which I am not too happy about). What was fun though is the RAIN! I came home from work and within 10 minutes it was raining so hard you could hardly see across the street. Pretty soon after that one of my dearest friends Geena and her sister ran over to my house and pulled me out into the storm. We ran down the streets fully clothed getting soaked! It was one of the best days of my life. We jumped in puddles and went to her house and jumped on the trampoline until our amazing storm came to an end.

She's leaving for college in 5 days. I'm heartbroken.  Here are a few more photos from the next day when the rain didn't stop for a few hours and flooded the neighborhood park.

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