Crushing news

4:31 PM

As you might know, I have planned on going to Kenya Africa to volunteer for a couple years now. I am planning on leaving sometime next year and I'm so excited.
Today, I saw on the news that a terrorist attack happened in Nairobi (the capital) at the Westgate mall.

I am crushed.

As I read through the article my heart was slowly shattering. This is a place I have come so close to over the years of planning my trip, looking at photographs, reading news articles, exploring on Google maps, and contacting others who have visited. I have considered Kenya to be my home although I have yet to step foot in the country. Hearing that 39 people were shot and killed with 150 injured victims hurt my heart so much.

I don't really know what to say about it but I needed to write out  my feelings for this terrible tragedy. I am heartbroken for the families of those killed, I want to hug all the injured and I wish I was there to help pick up the pieces and put the community back together.

Kenya, I love you. I love your people. My prayers will be with you.

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