Looking on the bright side

8:35 PM

Honestly I've been having a hard week. Another one. I've always tried to look at the good things in life but some days that gets really hard. So I'm going to quickly write about the good things that happened today instead of the bad.

This morning I got an unexpected delivery. After having 0 contact with my man for 3 days (I know that sounds pathetic..I've gone longer I promise I'm just.. don't laugh at me. It's been a long week) I went to grumpily answer my door and saw a man standing there with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet for flowers for ME! Payden sent me flowers because he wanted me to know he was thinking of me although we haven't been able to talk much over the past month. How dang sweet is that? I couldn't wipe my smile off my face all morning it was wonderful.

Then later I went to my friend Abby's house and we got a henna kit so I got to practice on her which was a blast then we made camouflage cake just for fun but also because we are both nerdy about "military things" right now since her boyfriend just left for Army basic training and my love has been out training for a while. Here's a "great" collage I threw together on my phone. 
 Then my day went downhill from there so we'll just leave that out. Now I plan ridding myself of my stresses with Netflix and this delightful cupcake. See you next time!

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